Sac. County Gray Flycatcher and Black-throated Sparrow

M. Brodie


Seeing the promising migration forecast from Birdcast and hearing tons of flight calls while out walking my dog pre-dawn inspired me to head out to Folsom Point this morning in hopes of finding some newly arrived migrants.  

While I was hoping for Brewer’s Sparrow, I ended up finding a more rare Black-throated Sparrow and Gray Flycatcher instead.  Both birds were seen a couple hundred feet SE of the parking area at the point. (38.6970642, -121.1252818) Here are the coordinates of the flycatcher, and the sparrow was only 50’ west.  

I will upload the diagnostic photos I was fortunate enough to get of both species to my eBird list as soon as possible.  The sparrow is a juvenile, showing streaks on breast and lacking the black throat of adults.  

Bird on,
Max Brodie