possible Rough-legged Hawk on Rt. 128, Yolo County, 1/8/21

L Markoff

Sorry I didn’t have time to post this until now.  Yesterday afternoon about 3:30, Saturday, 1/8, I was traveling east on 128 near the Putah Creek fishing access in Yolo County.  I saw what I think was a light morph female/immature Rough-legged Hawk sitting on the top of a power pole.  I couldn’t stop because my husband and I were hurrying to pick up our son in Folsom before dark. 


It was one of those moments when you are already past a bird and by the time that it registers as to what it was that you saw, you are already half a mile down the road.  If I was by myself I would have made a quick u-turn and zipped back there to double check, but my non-birder husband wouldn’t be impressed enough to do so, so I didn’t even ask. 


The bird had a light head and chest with a dark belly.  It has been a while since I saw Rough-legged Hawk in person, think it was 2015 in Joseph, Oregon when I went there on a chase for a Gyrfalcon.  But I saw a bunch there and they sort of stuck in my brain, and yesterday’s bird looked like the Joseph Rough-legged Hawks to me. 


Just thought that I would mention it, fwiw.  Sorry it took so long to do so.


Lori Markoff

Citrus Heights