Palm Warbler continues at Folsom Lake, Sacramento County

Clifford Hawley

Hi birders,
 On September 9th, Kevin Thomas reported a Palm Warbler in the area of Folsom Point.

"There is a non breeding western palm warbler at Folsom Pt here (38.6975303, -121.1363811). In the vegetation."

This morning the same bird or a new one was reported by Max Brodie at 7:45 and seen by two other observers about an hour later. 

"Just got a brief look at the Palm Warbler at Folsom Pt. in weedy patch at base of boat ramp. Called several times as well. (38.6968703, -121.1318633)"

Just passing on the information from the Sacramento County WhatsApp group. If you would like to join the link is Be aware this group is for rare sighting reports only and not random questions or observations. Thanks and good birding.

Cliff Hawley 
Sacramento, CA 


Clifford Hawley 
Sacramento, CA

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