mid-June birds at the Cosumnes River Preserve

Glennah Trochet

Dear Birders,

Birding has been seasonably slow of late.  The dawn chorus is pretty much done by sunrise.  The monthly Tall Forest bird survey last Saturday turned up 60 species, nothing grand.  There have recently been a few things of minor note:

greater yellowlegs-  one on 15 June was the first one back that I noticed.  There were two yesterday.
Wilson's phalarope-  three adults (one female, two males) yesterday
willow flycatcher-  the bird(s) found by Jane Griffith at a private inholding on 13 June was (were) not detected yesterday.
Pacific-slope flycatcher-  one singing yesterday in the ash/oak woods of the western Bottoms is the first in at least a month for me
tricolored blackbird-  no longer found in flocks behind the Farm Center gate but small numbers of individuals (fewer than 10) with big red-winged blackbird flocks, if you can find those.  They are ranging widely just now.
yellow warbler-  three stub-tailed juveniles in a Goodding's willow tree near the Accidental Forest yesterday
blue grosbeak-  present in very small numbers this year: one at McCormack-Williamson Tract on 16 June, two at Denier on 20 June, and one at the private inholding behind the Farm Center gate yesterday

John Trochet