Franklin's and Western Gull at Woodland WTP

Emmett Iverson

Hi all, 

Zane Pickus and I had a hatch year Franklin's Gulls in with the California's earlier this evening. This is the second Franklin's that Zane has found at Woodland WTP this month! The first being an adult back on August 7th. A little while later we got on to a big, dark mantled gull in flight that eventually landed distantly on the water. We were able to refind it in with the main roost 20 minutes later and managed to get some documentation photos and confirm it as a third cycle Western Gull. 

Water levels are incredibly low at the North Regional Pond so peeps foraging at the water line are distant and a challenge to pick through. Still doable but not quite as pleasant as a month ago. Continuing from earlier in the week were a group of five Marbled Godwits, a nice number for Yolo county. Also of note were three Lesser Yellowlegs and a calling Short-billed Dowitcher. Checklist will be attached.

Happy fall, 

Emmett Iverson