Cosumnes birds this weekend

Glennah Trochet

Dear Birders,

Yesterday I pinch hit for Jim Rowoth, who is unable to do his River Walk bird survey this month.  In his stead I turned up 85 species on a route that includes the public trails and the TNC Barn ponds.  Highlights included five blue morph snow geese scattered among some 1650 of that species, an Eurasian green-winged teal in front of the distant house at 7000 Desmond Road, and four Lewis's woodpeckers in the savanna north of 'the Point," well to the east of the public trail.  

After the survey and not on the preserve but of some interest, the eastern phoebe finally deigned to come out for observation at its previous, continuing location at the south end of Tyler Island Road after about 45 minutes MIA.

Today I visited a private ranch in southeastern Sacramento County on which the preserve, the former owner, now holds a conservation easement.  I was accompanied by Chris Conard.  According to Chris, we walked some 15.5 miles.  We had several nice finds:
band-tailed pigeon-  35
bald eagle-  2 (at least)
golden eagle-  2
ferruginous hawk-  6
rough-legged hawk-  2
Lewis's woodpecker-  84
prairie falcon-  1
loggerhead shrike-  3
mountain bluebird-  3 (all males)
white-throated sparrow-  1 (off the top of my head, I think Chris's find was a first for the ranch)
rufous-crowned sparrow-  2
tricolored blackbird-  45

Also today, two TNC employees refound the hooded warbler in Orr Forest.

John Trochet