[CenValBirds] Placer Lark Buntings


4/27/99 @ 6:20PM the two Lark Buntings were again on Phillip Road North of Baseline between Brewer and Fiddyment. They were just west of the blue-gabled kennels which are about 2-2.5 mi west of Fiddyment. They have both molted almost completely to male breeding plumage, with a little brown at the undertail on one, and brown on top the head and center lower breast on the other. They were feeding on Filaree (Cransebill) seeds on the verge and in the road and allowed close approach and prolonged observation from the car.

A Burrowing Owl was on a post 1.5 mi west of Fiddyment.

Charley Walker

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