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Yesterday, just before seeing the Long-tailed Duck at Delevan NWR, I saw a
first year Glaucous-winged Gull just a half mile East of here. The bird flew
towards the south but I had great looks at it. According to Brian Williams
this would be a first county record? Can some of you other county listers
shed a little light here? Does Sterlings spread sheet show this as a first
as well?

Todd Easterla

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Hi Birders,
Today the 17th of November I went looking for the
recently reported birds. I managed to refind the
Long-tailed Duck(Oldsquaw) at Delevan NWR and the
Mountain Plovers near the intersection of Browning and
Countyline Rd. I didn't find the Lapland Longspurs
reported yesterday by Brian Williams. There were
still a lot of Horned Larks in the area, but I didn't
hear any longspur calls. The Long-tailed Duck took a
while to locate. Mike Feighner was already there
looking for the bird. After about 20 minutes I saw
the bird diving near the back of the pond. At
Browning and County Line Rd the Mountain Plovers were
well off the road to the NE. There was also a
Ferruginous Hawk on the ground in the same field as
the plovers. That's all for now. Good luck and good

Cliff Hawley

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