[CALBIRDS] driving to the Brambling (info needed)

Mike Correll-Feichtner

Thanks, Thomas, for getting this out,  I subscribe to eBird reports but not all of them.  So much for the clogged Information Highway.


I won’t be going as I have seen two of California’s  past records….Humboldt and Santa Cruz Counties.




Mike Correll-Feichtner (Formerly Mike Feighner)

Livermore, California, Alameda County




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I'm happy to see on eBird that the Brambling is being seen and  photographed regularly. However, with the major snow storms earlier this winter (and the possibility of more snow storms in the near future) I would like to convince birders who visit Quincy from either the Central Valley or Bay area, along with birders driving in from the east, from the Tahoe area, to please enter some basic information on their eBird reports regarding road conditions, and what roads they took to get to Quincy.

The CalTrans website with road conditions only says that highway 70 is closed at the west end of Quincy, but what does that mean? Are people able to drive up from the Central Valley and then take a small detour close to Quincy, to get into town, or do people coming in from the west e.g. the Central Valley take some other detour?

Thomas Geza Miko
Claremont, LA County
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