Accidental Forest birds this morning

Glennah Trochet

Dear Birders,

I did another survey for UC Davis this morning, a point count effort at the Accidental Forest.  At a couple of the points I was hard pressed to keep up with all the action.  Afterwards I did a loop around the forest block.  Among many others I found these birds:
western wood-pewee-  5
Pacific-slope flycatcher-  1
Cassin's vireo-  2
warbling vireo-  9
Swainson's thrush-  30
yellow-breasted chat-  3
orange-crowned warbler-  1
MacGillivray's warbler-  4
common yellowthroat-  8
yellow warbler-  6
Townsend's warbler-  1
Wilson's warbler-  14
western tanager-  7
lazuli bunting-  1

John Trochet

Jesse Kramer

Is there public access to the Accidental Forest ?

Jesse Kramer