28 July 2022 = Cameras for Birders ...

Lois Richter & friends

... "What Camera Do YOU Use to Shoot Birds?"

Please consider being on the "Birding With Lois" (BWL) series which is recorded bi-weekly and archived on Youtube.

On 28 July, we will be doing a program about CAMERAS people use to shoot birds. It will be a gear discussion rather than a birding discussion. Meaning I'm hoping for as many photographers as I can get to be on the panel -- each to show what camera they use to take a picture (or video) of a bird and each to show some bird photos/videos taken with that camera.  
I'm hoping to have people from several regions. 

Might you be available that Thursday** to join us? 

BWL program = 4:30-6:00 PDT on Thursday, 28 July 2022, live zoom webinar, be a panelist (one of many!), show your camera, and some photos.
Required prep and practice = 4:30 PDT on Thursday, 21 July 2022, a zoom meeting for panelists who will be on-air the following week.  This is to get everyone registered; check the sound/video of each panelist; and make sure that your various photos/videos can be shown by our Media Manager.

** If you cannot come on the 28th, we might be able to interview you beforehand and play that recording during the show. 

-- Lois Richter for the BWL team
-- 530-902-0209 (phone best 11am - 7pm PT, text anytime)
-- BirdingWithLois@...

-- Lois Richter, Davis, Yolo County, California

Lois Richter, "Birding With Lois", Davis, California USA