RARE BIRD PHOTOS REQUEST for 2021 CVBC Journal article

Frances Oliver <hummer52@...>

Hi All!

I'm currently working on 2021 CVBC Rare Bird article for the Journal, so I am soliciting any of the bird photos (listed below) from birders. The parameters are basically the CV from Redding to Kern Co. I'm listing a number of birds I am aware of. But, If you have others not on the list, please let me know. I know Space is limited, but I will try to feature as many as possible.

BTWThe names in paranthases are the finders, not the only birders I will accept photos from. 

BUTTE: Surf Scoter (K. McClure), N. Shrike (L.Huber)

C. COSTA: Tufted Duck (A. Linkowski), Eastern Phoebe 

COLUSA: Baikal Teal (shot by hunter, photo on ebird), others ??

FRESNO: Sanderling (G. Woods), C. Ground Dove (G. Woods), E. Kingbird (AS)

GLENN: Trumpeter Swan (L. Huber), others??

KERN: Birds found around Bakersfiled and KERN NWR area ??

KINGS: Stilt Sandpiper (G. Woods), Little Gull (M. Stacy), LT Duck (M. Stacy), Curlew Sandpiper 

MADERA: Surf Scoter (N. Parameter), C. Kingbird (G. Woods), Neo Cormorant (G. Folsom, G. Woods)

MERCED: Sage Thrasher (B. Dunn), Snow Bunting (R. Williams)


SAC: RB Merganser (M. Brodie), RN Sapsucker (M. Brodie, G. Stacey), Neo Cormorant (J. Trochet), GT Towhee, Broad-winged Hawk (M. Brodie), LT. Duck (N. Papian) , Tropical Kingbird (A. Lee), WW Dove (S. Schlossberg, J. Holmes), Hooded Warbler (C. Conard, J. Trochet)

SJ: YB Loon (L. Williams & K. Duman), CC Sparrow (K. Foley, R. Petersen, J. Rowoth)

SHASTA: Redding area ??

SOLANO: Pacific-golden Plover-12 (A. Jaramillo), CS Warbler, Blackpoll WArbler (R. Muskat) {Putah creek & grassland area S. of Dixon; majority of the other great finds are out of the CV area}

STANISLAUS: Clay-colored Sparrow (D. Gilman), others??

TEHAMA: Emperor Goose (L. Huber), Costa's Hummingbird (Dee), others??

TULARE: Northern Waterthrush (D. Fagundes), others??

YOLO: Red Phalarope (M&L Stephenson), BB Hummingbird (V. Cross), Allen's Hummingbird (T. Uslan) Cassin's Finch (Bart W., M. Perrone), E. Phoebe (B. Campos), RN Grebe (E. Iverson), Least Flycather, TB Fox Sparrow, Franklin's Gull, CS Warbler (A. Ford), Blackpoll Warbler  

Please send photos to Frances: hummer52@... or to the CVBC club email: cvbsreg@...

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