Sherman Island CBC Summary

Logan Kahle

Hi all,

December 31st marked the fourth annual Sherman Island Christmas Bird Count. We had 27 parties covering the 8 areas, and came up with a grand total of 152 species, a new record for the count! The start of the show was Sacramento county's, and the delta's, first Neotropic Cormorant on Brannan Island found by John Trochet. Other first count records included Whimbrel (Sherman Island) and Western Tanager (Grand Island).

High amounts of rain proceeding the count made for large areas of flooded fields throughout the region, allowing for the fabulous shorebird spectacle. Additionally, great birding conditions made for a productive day in the field.

Surprising highs were 340 American White Pelicans, 261 Black-crowned Night-Herons, 5146 Dunlin, 5018 Long-billed Dowitchers, 762 Greater Yellowlegs, 20 Lesser Yellowlegs, and 5 Rough-legged Hawks. Surprising lows were 1(!) Wood Duck, 1 Horned Grebe, 8 Eared Grebes, 8 Mew Gulls, and 1 Swainson's Hawk.

Surprising misses were Barrow's Goldeneye, Spotted Sandpiper, Osprey, Western Screech-Owl, and Hooded Oriole (the first time we've missed it!).

To sign up next year email shermanislandcbc@....

Hope to see many of you out there next year!