count week explorations at Cosumnes

Glennah Trochet

Dear Birders,

I spent the last two days visiting portions of the Rio Cosumnes CBC circle in search of count week birds.  Yesterday I went to the Denier and Shaw Forest parcels north of Twin Cities Road and today I visited Orr Ranch.  These are all parcels of limited access.  At Denier/Shaw I found a blue-gray gnatcatcher and heard a fly-over pine siskin.  I also had a sapsucker that called at long intervals over a span of roughly 10-15 minutes, but I could not find it overhead.  Today I had three Lewis's woodpeckers, two (more) white-throated sparrows and in very quick succession the continuing hooded warbler (certainly the same bird first found in November) and a roost of at least eight long-eared owls.  I twice heard something very like the mewing call of a green-tailed towhee but failed to get visual confirmation.

John Trochet