Petah Creek birds


When I returned from a one week trip last Friday I found that Fall had arrived not only with more yellow leaves on the cotton wood trees, more leaves on the ground, but also with the arrival of some of our winter birds.
The first small group of White-crowned Sparrows was perched around my seed feeder, Lincoln Sparrows scurried through the vegetation along the creek , and the first Yellow-rumpled Warblers were fly-catching above the creek. Other passing fall migrants continued, however, to disappoint a bit with mostly a few Yellow, Wilson‘s, and Orange-crowned Warblers still present. Also Pacific Slope and willow Flycatchers and several female/juv. Western Tanagers. But the other warblers that typically make an appearance here during late summer, Townsend‘s, Hermit, MacGillivray‘s, Common Yellowthroat have been no-shows so far. Black-throated Gray and Nashville Warblers passed through earlier and seem to be gone by now.
One highlight, however, was a Yellow-breasted Chat that worked its way through some dense tangles on the Yolo bank of the Creek yesterday.
Although Black-chinned Hummingbirds are all but gone by now, either already in Mexico or well on their way, the hummingbird banding team still captured 2 hatch-year birds on Friday. Otherwise it‘s all Anna‘s with the exception of one juv., most likely, Rufous that has staked out a patch of California fuchsias and some flowering coral Yuccas in front of the house. Interesting is the fact that he (?) completely ignores the nearby feeder and the Anna‘s that frequent it but is chasing away any intruder into his feeding patch, almost as if he had never used a feeder.

Manfred Kusch
South bank of Putah Creek
3miles west of DAVIS