Looking for Yolo County owl locations for Duck Days field trip


I'm again looking for locations publicly accessible, which are fairly close to Davis for the Duck Days field trip in February. The owl species we include are Burrowing, Barn, Great Horned, Short-eared, and Western Screech.  In rare years we can get a staked-out Long-eared Owl.
In the event of multiple location choices we opt for easier traffic routes and easier pullout parking.  In recent years we have had two groups, launching 15 minutes apart and visiting the first locations in shifts, followed by blending the two groups for the later locations.  We return to the YBWA Headquarters after dark, but participants can peel off early as needed.
This year my co-leaders are leading a different trip, so there will be only one group for owling unless one or more birders would like to take on the leadership division to have two groups.  Any takers?
Mary Schiedt
530-400-7094 (cell and text)