Tule Greater White-fronted Geese

Steve Hampton

With the understanding that Tule Greater White-fr Goose may be split, Michael Perrone, Bart Wickel, and I made a trip to Colusa NWR today to try and find them and identify them. 

Here's some background on this rare subspecies:

Takekawa, J. 2005. Searching out a Central Valley "bird of mystery:" The Tule Greater White-fronted Goose. Central Valley Bird Club Bulletin.

We found a group of 11 on the auto loop. The dark head and neck was the most prominent mark for us. See our pics at https://ebird.org/checklist/S62896446

Other highlights included a Marbled Godwit and Townsend's Warbler at Colusa NWR. 

We also easily found the Vermilion Flycatcher at Maxwell Cemetery. 

good birding in 2020! 

Steve Hampton
Davis, CA

Leo Edson <leoedson@...>

Yesterday, thanks to Steve's post and subsequent eBird reports by others, I was able to locate a loose group, or two groups in close proximity, of Tule White-fronted Geese (total of 19 birds) just east of the southwest corner of the Colusa NWR auto loop. The can be almost hard to miss when you know what field marks and behavioral characteristics to look for.

I recommend that anyone with more than just a casual interest in this subject at least skim this excellent publication on the results of a recent White-fronted Goose genetic study:

Leo Edson