Central Valley Birds moving to Groups.io

Clifford Hawley

Hi CV birders,

Most members know that Yahoo Groups has been having issues over the last couple of years. The problems with delayed messages seems to be getting worse. The latest example was a days worth of messages about the Garganey not going out to most groups members until 24 hours later. Due to those issues and the lack of development by Yahoo the Central Valley Bird Club board has decided it is time to migrate Central Valley Birds to the groups.io platform. As we go through the process Groups.io can transfer members, archives (without attachments, however), photos, files, links and databases over to the new system. You will receive a welcome email with the new email address and other information on how to post to the new listserv.

The moderators are aware that some folks will be unhappy with this move but for the long term health of the listserv this is the best choice going forward. All the same guidelines apply will apply and it will be interesting to see how folks use the new group as it does have some abilities and functions lacking in Yahoo groups. Please feel free to contact me directly at yellowhammerCA@... if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks and good birding. 

Cliff Hawley

Sacramento, CA

"For, what are the voices of birds...
But words, our words,
Only so much more sweet?"  
Robert Browning