Begging cowbird and hooded oriole

Barbara Peck



I have had a continuing male hooded oriole coming to my hummingbird feeder and trees in my yard.  Friday, 8/10, a juvenile cowbird was begging from a post just two feet from the oriole, facing the oriole, and at the same height. Sorry, but my photos on eBird show each bird not both in one photo. I have suspected this for at least a couple of weeks but hadn’t been able to confirm this.


I also have a male hooded oriole with an immature hooded oriole that I have seen being fed by the adult. And on one recent date I saw two males.


Here’s my eBird list with the photos.


PS I’m resubmitting this as I forgot to include my home location.  


Barbara Peck

Anderson, CA


Dawn Garcia

I think Barbara's post is pretty amazing. I wouldn't have thought of an often-nectar feeder like an oriole as being a cowbird host. My cowbird rearing sightings follow. Most recently in Yellowstone I saw two killdeer, presumably a pair feeding a begging cowbird (BHCO), they were on a thermal feature. In the Devils Canyon (SD)  I had a male western tanager feeding a begging BHCO. In years past I have seen a chipping sparrow (Lake Davis) and Wilson's warbler (Bainbridge Island, WA) as cowbird "parents". It is always surprising and rarely forgettable!

Dawn Garcia
Oroville, CA