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This is from Sally Walters, not Don Schmoldt.
Several people emailed and asked me to post what I find out as they too are looking for portable bird calls. I'm not comfortable forwarding an email sent personally to me. I have summarized the responses. In brief:
Source of bird calls for Northern Calif: ron@... or ron@... (are the same person) highly recommended by 2 people.
Cornell lab is another good source for California birds and I suspect they have every state but I have not checked.
If you have an MP3 player it is a hassle to download so buy the CD copy it to your computer and then download.
If you have an iPOD it is easy to down load from the Cornell Lab with iTUNE software using a MAC computer. Each track has a different bird song which makes it easier than the Peterson CD's which has 3 songs per track.

One persons comment "If you do indeed have an iPod, I would download iTunes....it does everything for you, and there are free podcasts you can download from the iTunes store (as well as tons of music, videos, movies, TV shows, etc that you can buy). I love the podcasts....I can never seem to pick up on NPR's Science Friday broadcasts, and now I just download them via subscription, then listen to them at leisure."

I make no claim to know about computers or pod type things. My personal experience is limited. I suppose one must consider the source of the music or bird song/call. I heard a Virginia rail call broadcast from an external speaker from an iPOD 2 years ago at the CV symposium. I did not recognize the call - it was really bad but the dang Virginia rail recognized it and showed itself! For me, I can't learn the song/call if the recording or speaker broadcast deforms it. The thing I liked about the MP3 player I saw is that the speakers were built-in and the warbler recordings were clear. No extra speaker on a string(cord) to tear off or damage. I welcome more discussion but I don't know if this is OK with the site master though I think it will benefit most birders who are challenged by new tecnology. Now what shall I do? I have a non-Mac. Sally

Sally Walters & Don Schmoldt