Canada Warbler at William Land Park, Sacramento

Chris Conard

Hi folks, 

Just got a note from Andrew Lee that he found a Canada Warbler with the following details: 
There is a Canada Warbler at William Land Park.  It is in the golf course portion of the park.  From the parking area above the rock garden the road leads into the golf course.  Past the rock garden parking lot there is a T intersection where you can only make a right turn.  The bird was at the T intersection.

I don't know the exact site details except what's written above, but the WPA Rock Garden is here: 38.540380,-121.500346

That will get you close. 

Chris Conard
--please excuse this brief message sent with my phone

Yolo Blackpoll continues on Putah Creek

Joan Humphrey

Hi Birders, 

A Blackpoll Warbler found along Putah Creek at the end of Hopkins Road first thing yesterday morning was there again this morning. A Tennessee Warbler was also reported from the same area yesterday afternoon.

Good birding, 

Joan Humphrey
Davis, CA

Re: Yolo Townsend's Solitaire continues

Leo Edson <leoedson@...>

A vocal Pacific Wren was also present at Bees Lakes/Wood Duck Ponds this morning. The wren was just off the main east-west trail that cuts through the riparian midway between the two ponds (same trail where the American Restart was found recently). It was near the west edge of the riparian (closer to the new levee than South River Road), in a low area where the understory is dominated by blackberry and wild grape. You've gone too far west if you reach the north-south line of blackberry shrubs that separate the riparian habitat from the construction area for the new levee. A signing House Wren was also present in this same area. 

Leo Edson

Yolo Townsend's Solitaire continues

Joan Humphrey

Hi Birders,

The Townsend's Solitaire that Leo Edson found two days ago continues at the Wood Duck Ponds in West Sacramento. It was calling at 0825 on the river side of the levee road across from the wood duck pond. It appeared with the robins.

Good birding,

Joan Humphrey
Davis, CA

Franklin's Gulls in Yolo County

Steve Hampton

This evening Holly Coates and I were at North Davis Regional Pond (ibis pond) in Woodland when a FRANKLIN'S GULL flew in.  Pics and full list at 

She also had just found one at Davis Wastewater Treatment Plant. 

good birding, 

Steve Hampton
Davis, CA

Sacramento Audubon Monterey Bay Pelagic Trip 10/7/18 - spots available

L Pittman

We have a few spots available for the annual Sacramento Audubon Society Monterey Bay pelagic trip, Sunday, October 7, 2018. 

Fall is a great time for a pelagic trip in Monterey Bay.  Normally protected from heavy sea swells, yet geographically situated to capture an amazing diversity of ocean-going birds, Monterey Bay and the surrounding area is an exceptional place for birding.  It is perhaps one of the most accessible and productive areas to learn about and enjoy pelagic birds and marine mammals. 

The pelagic trip is limited to 25 participants and the price is $100 per person.  You do not need to be a member of Sacramento Audubon Society to participate. 

 For more information and the reservation form, go to and look for the Monterey Land and Pelagic Trip under the Activities tab, or contact me offline.

 Linda Pittman

Wilton CA


This Saturday's SJAS Caswell field trip TIME CHANGE

Jim Rowoth

The start time for this Saturday’s field trip to Caswell Memorial State Park is being moved from 7:00 to 8:00. We will still meet just inside the entry gate; $10/car day-use fee (cash only). Sorry for this last minute notice, but the gates do not open for day use until 8:00. Otherwise, the trip will go forward as scheduled.

Feel free to bring a lunch so we can have lunch under the majestic oaks afterwards.

Jim Rowoth

White-crowned Sparrow Return Dates

Tim Jackson


We saw White-crowned Sparrows in our yard (ShingleSprings) today.
Here are the historical return dates for our yard:

2001 - 9/15
2002 - 9/19
2003 - 9/22
2005 - 9/17
2006 - 9/18
2007 - 9/19
2008 - 9/15
2009 - 9/19
2010 - 9/13
2011 - 9/18
2012 - 9/12
2013 - 9/14
2014 - 9/15
2015 - 9/20
2016 - 9/17
2017 - 9/19
2018 - 9/20

Tim & Angela Jackson
Shingle Springs

Grasslands Regional Park

Michael Perrone

With the shift overnight to air from the interior of the continent, it was no surprise to find Grasslands Park full of birds this morning, including seven warbler species, three Cassin's vireos, a Swainson's thrush, three hermit thrushes, and a (perhaps continuing) rock wren, the latter on a stack of hay bales.

Michael Perrone


Putah Creek birds


The first White-crowned Sparrows showed up at my seed feeder today, one day earlier than last year. No Golden-crowned so far. A Lincoln Sparrow has been hanging around the traditional bathing spot upstream from my house about half a mile below Stevenson Bride. More surprising has been a Chestnut-backed Chickadee in the same spot not far from where I observed a pair this spring. 

As is usual for this time of year, migrating warblers are represented mostly by Yellow Warblers with a sprinkling of Orange-crowned, a few Wilson’s, Black-throated Gray, a Townsend’s, and yesterday a MacGillivray’s and a bright Common Yellowthroat. 

Surprisingly, no Yellow-rumped Warblers so far, but still a handful of Western Tanagers.

Looking at my notes from last year, I realize that this year's late Barn Swallow nest on my back porch is almost an exact re-play of last year's. Last year’s third brood nestlings fledged around Sept. 24. This year it appears that the three chicks (again three just like last year) will leave the nest perhaps a few days earlier. The nest is in the same spot as last year and it seems more than likely that we are dealing here with the same pair. Interestingly, this pair raised clutches of 5, 4, and now 3 chicks in succession, exactly as last year.

A family of American Kestrels stages in a dead eucalyptus behind my house late in the afternoon before descending just before dark into the thatch of some of my palms to roost for the night just about at the same time as the Barn Owls who have snoozed away the day in those palms leave to hunt in the surrounding fields.  

Manfred Kusch
South bank of Putah Creek
3 miles W of Davis

Townsend's Solitaire in West Sacramento

Leo Edson <leoedson@...>

A Townsend's Solitaire made a brief appearance this morning at Bees Lakes (aka wood duck ponds) in West Sacramento. Standing on the old levee, I saw the bird fly into the large cottonwood at the southeast corner of the large pond. After resting briefly, it flew across the road to the cottonwoods lining the river's edge and disappeared.

Leo Edson

catbird still at Babel Slough

Michael Perrone

Late morning today the catbird was still near the intersection of South River Road and Babel Slough Road in Yolo Co.  It sang intermittently.  Also present was a female blue grosbeak.

Michael Perrone


Summer Tanager

Jim Holmes

Bird was heard and seen along putah Creek at 9 a.m. this morning.  It was just Upstream from the birdbath. This is best access from pedrick road


Jim Holmes
Sacramento,  CA

Colusa Marbled Godwit

Bruce Deuel

Hi all,
There is a Marbled Godwit at the northbound Maxwell Rest Area, as of 2:30 this afternoon. It was in the southmost pond, with a couple of stilts and ibis.
Bruce Deuel
Red Bluff

Chestnut-sided Warbler at Del Paso Park yesterday (9/16)

Dan Williams

I just wanted to point out since I didn't see it posted, that the first fall female CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER that my SAC Audubon group found Saturday morning at Del Paso Park in Sacramento was re-found and photographed at the same location yesterday morning (9/16). I just happened to notice the follow-up sighting on eBird.

Its position was described as "about 50 feet from the start of the trail off Norris Ave" and it was preening near the top of a live oak.

Dan Williams


Late Report - Very large number of Barn Owls in the Yolo Bypass (not the Wildlife Area) in late August

Chris Dunford

On August 25, a friend was scouting private duck-hunting land in the Yolo
Bypass north of I-80 and the railroad and east of the Davis Wetlands and
Conaway Ranch – roughly due east from the end of Yolo CR 30 and north from
there.  My friend was driving alongside a dry north-south canal with an
intermittent line of willows that appear to have been cut many years ago and
re-sprouted 10-20 stems (trunks) per root system, creating dense cover low
to the dense weeds in the canal.  For about 500 yards along this line of
willows, the slow-moving truck flushed at least 50 Barn Owls.  It was dusk
(first half-hour after sunset) but he could distinguish the characteristic
white facial disk, white below and tawny-and-gray above, and buoyant
flight.  He returned a week later, perhaps August 31, with three other
observers, and discovered the same phenomenon in the same location – at
least 50 Barn Owls, maybe many more.  They noted that there seemed to be a
Barn Owl in practically every willow, all perched or flushing from low in
the mass of trunks and branches.  They reported their observations to me
earlier this week, and I accompanied my friend to the same location at dusk
yesterday (Sept. 15) with another taking photos.  We flushed at least 10
Barn Owls from the same 500-yard line of willows, and our photographer got
some good photos for the record, including one owl carrying a large mouse or
gopher.  But my friend noted that these were far fewer owls than in late
August when the wide-open seasonal marshland to the east of the line of
trees had just recently been mowed (to create a mix of tule islands and
mowed or disked ground similar to the pattern in the Yolo Bypass Wildlife
Area along the northbound leg of the auto route).  I have checked with local
birding experts and learned that such large gatherings of Barn Owls have not
been seen before (hence this note).  While the area in question is private
land and off-limits to unaccompanied birders, the pattern of habitat and
time of year may be conducive to similar gatherings for birders to watch for
in other, similar locations.  Of course, this year may have had an unusual
production of young Barn Owls coinciding with continued large rodent
populations (both despite and due to heavy flooding of the Bypass in the
past two winters) and perhaps fire-driven movement of owls (and other
raptors) into the Bypass in August.

Chris Dunford
Davis, CA

Summer Tanager again at Putah Creek


I saw the Summer Tanager this morning at about 0830. It flew across from the Solano side to the Yolo side at the same spot that we heard it yesterday - 100 yards upstream from the main bathing spot at the little bathing spot. After it flew across, it buried itself in the trees and I couldn't refind it.

Good Birding,

Scott Hoppe

Citrus Heights, CA

Brewer's Sparrow at William Pond Park

Dan Williams

At about 11am this morning I had a BREWER'S SPARROW at William Pond Park about a quarter mile south of the bike bridge in a patch of fennel along one of the trails that doglegs off the bike trail toward the river.

I also had my FOS Yellow-rumped Warbler, a Wilson's Warbler, a Western Tanager, and a Vaux's Swift near this location.

Dan Williams


Re: [CB] Chestnut-sided Warbler- Del Paso Regional Park, Sacramento County 9-15-18

Lily Douglas

Hi all,

I’m sending this because it doesn’t appear that many people on CVBirds received it (even though Cliff also sent it to CVBirds). It’s also currently not showing up on sialia on either list. 

However, I also have a negative report, as Liz West, Tim Ludwick, and I just spent a little over an hour looking. We did get into a couple nice warbler flocks, but weren’t able to pick out the Chestnut-sided. Good luck if anyone else gives it a shot!

Lily Douglas
Sacramento, CA

On Sep 15, 2018, at 8:38 AM, Clifford Hawley yellowhammerCA@... [countybirders] <countybirders-noreply@...> wrote:


Hi birders,

I got a text message from Dan Williams about 10 minutes ago that he found an immature female in oak near Auburn Blvd and Norris Ave at Del Paso Regional Park. Here's a link to the spot pinned in a Google map.  

That's all. Good birding.


Clifford Hawley
Sacramento, CA
"For, what are the voices of birds...
But words, our words,
Only so much more sweet?"  
Robert Browning

continuing Summer Tanager at Putah Creek

Steve Hampton

I've heard the Summer Tanager twice recently, including this morning. Both times it was at or upstream of the bird bath clearing. It is very skiddish, but I managed a recording, which is posted here:

Two days ago there was a Pectoral Sandpiper at Davis WTP in the far SE corner near the office.  

good birding, 

Steve Hampton
Davis, CA

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