western Yolo birds, 28-Mar-04

Jon King <jonrking@...>

At a private site west of Road 27 a few miles north of Winters (western
Yolo County) I've had a few birds of local interest in the last couple of
days. This morning there was a minor influx of migrants, with two male
Bullock's Orioles (the first here this spring) and a marked increase in
numbers of Common Yellowthroats and Orange-crowned Warblers. At nearby
Chickahominy Slough, there was a male Merlin.

At the same site early yesterday morning (27th March), there was a
second-year female Northern Goshawk, a species very rarely reported in Yolo

Western Kingbirds have been here daily since 15th March, and Swainson's
Hawks daily since 8th March.

Cheers, Jon.

?? Ruff


Hello Birders,
I spent Sunday afternoon at Woodbridge Park and Cosumnes Preserve. In
the ponds north of Desmond Rd (approximately the 3rd pond) I saw what could
be a female Ruff. Her bright orange legs caught my attention immediately. I
also noticed the plumage along the back and wings was more blotchy, and less
streaked than I expected for a Yellowlegs In comparing this bird to Sibley's
pictures it is in between the Yellowlegs and the female Ruff in terms of
blotchy appearing plumage. This bird has a dark bill, the neck is grey streaked.
She was feeding in the shallow weeds at the close edge of the pond. This is
the pond where the weeds have been mowed down in front. No need to sit on the
roof of my vehicle, as I usually do !
I would appreciate if someone could confirm this ID. I am not very
familiar with this species.
Karen Hochgraf

C M Goethe Park / American River Parkway

davedlj1246 <Davedlj1246@...>

Fellow birders,

Today, Saturday, was definitely cooler than the last couple of week-
ends. I started out wearing my sweatshirt but had to remove it after
about an hour. I headed to C M Goethe Park and in 5 hours of birding
tallied 59 species. The highlights were: 7 species of raptors were
probably as good as it gets for a small area like C M Goethe Park
with Osprey, White-tailed Kites, a female Northern Harrier, Cooper's
Hawks, Red-shouldered Hawks, Red-tailed Hawks, and a male American
Kestrel; male Wild Turkeys were displaying and gobbling everywhere,
it seemed; several Spotted Sandpipers were starting to show spots; a
Great Horned Owl was on the nest in a tree slightly northwest of the
large Eucalyptus trees; a White-breasted Nuthatch flew to cavity in a
Black Walnut tree where another (the female maybe?) received food
from the first; a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher; several WRENTITS were
calling from the same area where I observed Wrentits in 2003; 8-10
American Pipits were on the gravel bar about 1/3 of a mile downstream
from the Harold Richey Bicycle Bridge; 2 Lark Sparrows were new for
me at C M Goethe Park, having missed them there in 2003; and a male
Brown-headed Cowbird was my first of the season along the American
River Parkway.

C M Goethe Park is at the north end of Rod Beaudry Drive in Rancho
Cordova (this is for you, Gene).

Good birding,

Dave Johnson

Cassin'sXwestern Kingbird in San Joaquin Co 3/25/04

Frances Oliver <hummer52@...>

From Waldo Holt:
On Thursday (March 25 04) afternoon I looked to find a Cassin's kingbird at the Tracy Golf Course at I-580 and Chrisman Road in San Joaquin County. Cassin's kingbirds have been nesting there for more than 15 years and were discovered there back in the 1980's by David Yee.

Along with five western kingbirds, I found what I believe to be a hybrid westernXCassin's kingbird. The field marks that lead me to this conclusion are: a typical Cassin's breast and throat -- the gray on the breast is darker than a western kingbird and extends up from the yellow belly and contrasts with a white throat. However, the tail on this bird was black like a western's and not brown like a Cassin's. The tail had white at the tip like a Cassin's but it also had white along the sides as a western kingbird does.

This bird was perched on the fence bordering the north side of Chrisman Road just at the base of the freeway overpass on the southwestern side of I-580. Sometimes it would fly back over to the golf course. I pass this message along not only because it of interest but also in hopes that someone among you could document this with a photograph. Alas, I have demonstrated a solid record of ineptitude as a photographer.

Waldo Holt
Stockton CA

State Wildlife Areas

Jim Gain <sta-birder@...>

I have been doing some research on the state wildlife areas in the valley
and I came up with 4 locations that I am unfamiliar with. If anyone could
shed some light on their "birdiness" and the primary habitats at each one, I
would greatly appreciate it.

Shasta County

Cottonwood Creek Wildlife Area

Battle Creek Wildlife Area

Butte County

Merrill's Landing Wilderness Area

Solano County

Hill Slough Wildlife Area


Jim Gain


Southwest San Joaquin County

Walter Mc Innis <walt@...>

This morning (26 March) I made a foray into southern San Joaquin County, south of Tracy. I saw nothing very exciting; the usual suspects for the most part. However at the extreme south end of Bird Road, in the triangle formed by Hwy 132 , I-580 and I-5, I saw my first Bullock's Oriole and Western Kingbird of the year.
Good birding.
Walt McInnis

Upcoming Bird Festivals

Frances Oliver <hummer52@...>

Upcoming Bird Festivals- Of interest to many birders.

Godwit Days Spring Migration Bird Festival April 16 - 18 Arcata, CA

Extraordinary birding opportunities await you at the 9th annual Godwit Days. Located on California's North Coast, Godwit Days offers towering redwoods, rocky ocean coasts, wild river valleys, expansive mudflats of Humboldt Bay, pelagic trips, and the world-renowned Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, home to 253 species of birds and mammals...just minutes from the historic Arcata Plaza. The keynote speech by Dr. Donald L. Janssen will focus on the California Condor and zoo breeding programs. (I went last year and it was great! - Kate Marianchild)

Contact: Arcata Main Street, 791 8th Street, Suite 2-3, Arcata, CA 95521 800-908-9464

Yosemite Birding Festival April 23-25, 2004 Yosemite National Park - CA

This 3-day celebration of birds in world-renowned Yosemite National Park will feature workshops, programs, and field trips offered by talented birders and naturalists. With programs on bird identification, art, the wildlife of Yosemite, photography, and more, there's something for every taste. Book signings, receptions, ranger walks, and music will round out the event.

Contact: Yosemite Association, P.O. Box 230, El Portal, CA 95318 209-379-2646

10th Annual Kern River Valley Birding and Bioregions Festival April 30 - May 2, 2004
Kernville, Weldon - CA

The 2003 BioFest recorded 227 bird species at one of the West's premier spring migration regions including the Giant Sequoia National Monument, South Fork Kern River Globally Important Bird Area, Butterbredt Spring Nationally Important Bird Area, and Sequoia National Forest Globally Important Bird Area. With birding as the primary focus, spectacularly scenic Central Valley, Sierra Nevada, and Mojave Desert habitats in close proximity to each other provide the setting for over fifty field trips and workshops ranging across the natural history spectrum.

Contact: Kern Valley Festivals, PO Box 410, Weldon, CA 93283 760-378-3044

Third Annual Mono Basin Bird Chautauqua June 18 - 20 Lee Vining, CA

Will include 3 days of evening presentations, seminars, field trips, music, and great birding! Registration opens in April 2004. "Not your ordinary bird festival." Events fill fast as soon as registration opens. (How many red-necked phalaropes does it take to screw in a light bulb? Dr. Margaret Rubega mixed humor, physics, and phalarope feeding behavior during the 2003 Chautauqua).

Contact: Mono Lake Committee, P.O. Box 29, Lee Vining, CA 93541 760-647-6595

29th Annual Meeting of Western Field Ornithologists September 8-12, 2004 Ashland, OR

An annual event that includes the best of the west: science sessions, 1/2 and full day field trips with leaders in the field of ornithology, keynote speakers, social events, workshops. Everyone is welcome to attend. Beginning birders to seasoned field ornithologist will find something of interest every day at this yearly meeting.

Contact: Western Field Ornithologists, 12079 Samoline Avenue, Downey, CA 90242 562-869-6718

Tricolored Blackbird 2004 Census - April 17 & 18

ovenbird2002 <leoedson@...>

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, California Department of Fish and
Game, and the Central Valley Bird Club are sponsoring a census of
tricolored blackbirds in the Central Valley on April 17 and 18,
2004. We are in immediate need of experienced birders to help in
this effort to update the location of historic colonies, located new
colonies, and estimate colony size. Unlike previous surveys, this
survey will focus on identifying the current status of colonies that
have supported over 5,000 nesting birds in past years. Please
consider helping out one of the top 21 highest conservation priority
landbirds in the United States by participating in this effort. Even
a few hours in the field can provide valuable information. If you
are busy the weekend of the event, consider searching for nesting
colonies in the days leading up to the event. Birders that have
helped out on prior censuses are particularly encouraged to
participate. Contact me at edsonl@... or 916-414-5800 for more

Please forward this e-mail to all birders that you think might be
interested in participating. Thank you. I hope to hear from you

Leo Edson
2004 Tricolored Blackbird Volunteer Survey

Davis Wetlands[Yolo]

Ryan Phillips <ryanchaco@...>

MId afternoon I checked out Davis Wetlands for the
Horned Grebe, which was present along with 3 Eared
Grebes. It is now residing on the far side of the
Wastewater Lagoon across from Stormwater Lagoon. Other
birds of interest were a Redhead also in Wastewater
Lagoon and a Western Kingbird near the entrance along
with Barn Swallows.

Good Birding,
Ryan Phillips
Davis, CA

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Putah Creek produces last two days including Swamp Sparrow

Andy Engilis

On 3/23 and 3/24 Irene Torres and I conducted surveys on two private parcels along Putah Creek. The first, yesterday was in the Putah Creek Sinks and today we surveyed below Stevenson's Bridge on the Solono County side of the creek.

The highlight was a breeding plumaged Swamp Sparrow in the Putah Creek Sink. This was a first for me in Yolo County! We also found Wilson's Warbler and Western Kingbird in the area. The location of the Swamp Sparrow was along the creek in a weedy/bramble on private property, access is restricted.

Today we found a pair of Hooded Orioles (reported to be back as of 3/19) already beginning their nest building on a private home east of Stevenson's Bridge (Solono County). Lots of breeding activity with the following species on nest: GH Owl, RT Hawk, Northern Flicker, Bushtit, Mourning Dove, House Finch, Barn Owl, Western Bluebirds, Wood Duck, and copulating Kestrels. Wilson's Warbler, GBT Gray Warbler were present along with OC and YR warblers. Access is restricted in this section of the creek.

Andy Engilis

Andrew Engilis, Jr.
Museum Curator
Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue, Davis, Ca 95616
office and fax: (530) 752-0364
e-mail: aengilisjr@...

the warblers are coming! the warblers are coming!

John and Glennah Trochet <trochetj@...>

Dear Birders,
This morning on a private ranch in the blue oak belt on the east side of Sacramento County I had my FOS Wilson's warbler and my FOS black-throated gray warbler, both singing males. I also saw two red-breasted sapsuckers and a common raven. In grassland just west of the trees I found one ferruginous hawk perched on the ground and a vesper sparrow.
John Trochet

locations of bird sightings

Gene R. Trapp

I'm new to the list and note that some of you assume everyone is acquainted with street names and places of interest in towns we don't live in. Please at least say what area, town, etc. you are talking about. Thanks!

Gene R. Trapp
2313 Isle Royale Lane
Davis, CA 95616-6619
(530) 756-6291

Rossmoor Bar Park / American River Parkway

davedlj1246 <Davedlj1246@...>

Fellow birders,

On Sunday, 3/21/04, I birded Rossmoor Bar Park. Though the
temperature was coolish when I began, it definitely warmed up when I
left 4 1/2 hours later to the tally of 56 species. The highlights
were: a female Northern Harrier was new for me for Rossmoor Bar Park
having missed it in 2003 (it was sallying back and forth between the
El Manto Access parking lot and the residential area when I began but
midway through as I walked downriver toward the San Juan Rapids the
harrier (I'm assuming it's the same one) flew right over me); at
least 1 (or maybe 2) Western Kingbirds were my first of the season
and my earliest record of one on the American River Parkway as the
previous record was April 5, 1974 at Sailor Bar (I saw the first one
as I approached the San Juan Rapids just after I saw the Northern
Harrier and about 1 1/2 hours later I observed another one which was
about 1/2 mile southwest of the first location); and a male and a
female Phainopepla were in separate deadish trees with mistletoe
about 100 yards apart about 1/4 mile below the San Juan Rapids.

I also noticed several dogs persuing about 7 Black-tailed Deer in a
field off of Rossmoor Drive. No owners around which is too bad
because they would have definitely received some uncomplimentary
comments from me.

Good birding,

Dave Johnson

Sailor Bar / American River Parkway

davedlj1246 <Davedlj1246@...>

Fellow birders,

Saturday, 3/20/04, (yes, I know! This message is posted late but
I've had computer issues that needed to be resolved) I birded Sailor
Bar. I spent 5 1/2 hours birding and tallied 60 species of which the
only highlight that I can mention is that there was still a young
male Barrow's Goldeneye on the American River.

Good birding,

Dave Johnson

Fremont Weir SWA

mkatchambers <mkatchambers@...>

Today, Brent Campos and I checked out Fremont Weir State Wildlife
Area at the northeast end of Yolo County near road 16. This area has
some beautiful riparian habitat, but you have to watch out for the
dogs on the private property surrounding it. We drove in from the
western side, but there might be better access from the east.
Highlights included a WESTERN KINGBIRD (my first for the season) seen
on the way there (road 102 and 16), 11 WOOD DUCKS, 2 pairs of WESTERN

Mary Chambers

grackles in Davis

Michael Perrone

Sunday, March 21 at 11 AM three male great-tailed grackles were calling
(loudly, as usual) from a pine on Manzanita Drive just south of Covell
Drive in Davis, Yolo County. Perhaps these include some of the birds
reported recently from about a half-mile away to the northeast. On my
return an hour later, I could not find them.

Michael Perrone

Department of Water Resources

Division of Environmental Services

1725 23d Street, Suite 220

Sacramento CA 95816

(916) 445-6452


Fw: Swainson's hawks back in south Stockton


Swainson's hawks have been nesting atop the larger of two evergreens at the SE corner of Charter Way (now Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd) and B. St. (across from the Caltrans building) for at least three years (since I've been there), though I understand they have been nesting there much longer than that. Tuesday I saw only one bird, but then on Wednesday I saw them both (circling over the CT front parking lot and alighting in the nesting tree). It's good to have them back. I look forward to their return each spring.

Claudia Gambaro

of Swainson's Hawk..and many blackbirds

Alan M. Birnbaum, MD

Seeing the report from Claudia Gambaro in Stockton regarding the return of
Swainson's Hawk to that area, I should mention that on Saturday's Fresno Audubon
fieldtrip, just as we were reviewing the blackbird buffet at a local dairy
site (Brewers, Redwinged, Tricolored, Yellowheaded - and Brownheaded Cowbird),
we had a raptor encounter of the third kind, as not one, not two, but THREE
SWAINSON'S HAWK flew directly overhead, giving us the impression they were still
migrating northward...maybe to Stockton.

Of the four species mentioned above, curiously, I had previously only seen
the Brewers and the Redwinged. After that, at the same site, we moved a few feet
to check an adjacent field, which had some Cattle Egrets, a Greater
Yellowlegs or two, plus what looked like another thousand or so "blackbirds," but when
scoped, the latter were all White-faced Ibis!

Alan Birnbaum

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Snow Bunting ???

Evan Jones <jonesbirds@...>

Hi All

Has anyone seen the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher in Davis at Mark Hall or
anywhere in the area lately and also has anyone seen the Snow Bunting at
Clifton Ct. Forbay? My wife and I have seen both of these beautiful birds
but I'm asking because we have family coming down from Oregon this coming
week and they would sure like to see both of these birds. We haven't seen
any postings in a few days and we were wondering if they are still in these
areas. If anyone has any information on sightings in the last few days on
either one of these birds could they please e-mail us back. Thank You.

Good Birding

Evan & Nancy Jones
Dixon, CA.

Horned Grebe at Davis Wetlands

tertial <shampton@...>

A Meghan reported on the kiosk note pad a HORNED GREBE at the Davis
Wetlands today, Mar 21, in Stormwater Lagoon. Sure enough, there was
one swimming around. I also saw a WESTERN KINGBIRD on Rd 29 north of
Davis today, the earliest I have ever seen this species in Yolo

good birding,

Steve Hampton
Davis, CA