Davis Wetlands, Yolo Bypass, Putah Creek

Denise and David Hamilton

Hello all,

Made the rounds on Monday, finding the many ducks at the Davis Wastewater Oxidation Ponds as reported by Roger Adamson. We noticed a few Redheads in the mix. (Common or not-so-common?? We rarely see this duck ourselves, so not sure if they are worth reporting or not.) After a brief, but heavy downpour around 10:00 am, we scoped the Stormwater Lagoon where there was MANY shorebirds- quite a few Lesser Yellowlegs to compare along side of the Greaters, and we also saw the Ruff. If anyone still needs to see the bird, be sure to just look for BRIGHT ORANGE LEGS! While scanning the flocks, it was definitely the legs that caught my attention.

Next we headed over to Yolo Bypass. The majority of shorebirds were still in the mud by the hunters' trailer- nothing unusual to report. Ducks were concentrated in one area and most all were sleeping, so did not find anything unusual except for one lone Snow Goose. 6 Sandhill Cranes flew overhead.

At Lake Solano, we did not find the Red-necked Grebe. The Buffleheads were spread out all over now, and still no goldeneyes. We stopped at the fishing access points along Putah creek, but it was really quiet. We stopped under the bridge to check to see if the Dipper was around, and it was there 10 feet in front of us putting on quite the show feeding. Has it been seen lately? We were there sometime in Sept. and did not see it nor have seen any reports of it.

Good birding,
Denise and David Hamilton

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