(Possible) Garganey continues at Yolo Wildlife Area

Chris Conard


This morning (10/27/07) a little before 1030, Kimya Lambert and I found a
large group of birders. They were scoping the putative female-type Garganey
from what I believe is Lot C (the lot on your right as you are heading S
along the loop portion of the auto tour).

I have never seen a Garganey [before], so for what it is worth, I like the
pattern on the face. The bill appeared a little smaller than I would like.
The bill was all dark. At times green showed in the speculum (wing
folded)--I didn't get good views of the bird flapping as seen by others. I
like the white edging to the tertials.

The bird was farther away than I would have liked, but a few of my
digiscopes might be useful:

As additional food for thought, a possible Garganey was photographed at the
Baker Sewage Ponds in 2003. Photo here:

Thoughts welcome.

While we were there, nobody saw a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper. One Pectoral
Sandpiper was found by another birder on the return leg of the loop ~150
yards S of Lot B.

Chris Conard

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