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Harold Reeve

Just a small correction to the earlier post: the intended road name is Crabtree Rd. rather than Crabapple Rd. It is a very good road for sparrows and raptors and we have had several Lark Buntings along this road in previous winters. Thanks for the post, Matt.

Harold Reeve

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Hi Birders. This afternoon, after seeing the Smew in
Tuolomne County, David Vander Pluym and I found a
female LARK BUNTING in eastern Stanislaus County. The
bird was in a large bramble patch along Crabapple
Road, and was in a huge flock of White-crowned
Sparrows. Further along Crabapple Road we also saw
five Burrowing Owls, three Prairie Falcons, and two
Ferruginous Hawks.

To get to the Lark Bunting, take Highway 132 east from
the town of Waterford. Turn left onto Crabapple Rd,
and park in the first pull-out after crossing the
canal, which is 150 meters or so after you turn off of
Highway 132. The Sparrows were very responsive to
spishing. Good birding,

Matt Brady

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