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I’ve photographed and reported this bird for a few years. P282 was banded on 6/28/10, near Alturas, CA.

I used this link.  When you get to the “I’m reporting a: page, select color marker on neck, wing tag or leg band. Then you can enter the leg band numbers and colors of bands. 

Sacramento, CA.

On Nov 27, 2022, at 3:51 PM, rfs_berkeley <rscalf@...> wrote:

Yesterday, November 26, a Sandhill Crane was seen at Staten Island wearing 5 leg bands.  

   Left:  Silver over Red over Green   (all the same size)

   Right:  Yellow over Red.  Yellow band the same size as the 3 on the left leg, the Red band twice as long with P282 embossed in white.

I am trying to report using the USGS band reporting page and having no luck; the input form insists that I report a band number for the Silver band on the left leg and won't take No for an answer.

Does anyone know what project this is or who to contact?


Rusty Scalf
Berkeley, CA

Rusty Scalf

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