Cosumnes birds the last couple of days

Glennah Trochet

Dear Birders,

With Mary Schiedt and Jeri Langham, I have co-led Central valley Birding Symposium trips to the Cosumnes River Preserve the last two days.  We have divided the participants into smaller groups and sought birds in mainly but not completely overlapping areas and turned up some decent things.

Friday is the one day that we are traditionally permitted to visit the Tall Forest.  Only one participant wished to do so, and we two did something like a monthly survey.  Our better birds behind the Farm Center gate included acorn woodpecker, common raven, varied thrush, white-throated sparrow and Townsend's warbler.  Elsewhere we encountered bald eagle and peregrine falcon (the latter again today, as with yesterday in mid-to-late afternoon on the Bruceville Road microwave tower).

The weekend trips have always been restricted to the public trails.  Today's participants were again divided into two parties.  But before everyone else arrived I heard a pine siskin fly over (my FOS).  Jeri led his group onto the River Walk first, and they had the better results, no doubt.  They repeatedly ran into mixed flocks, with an especially good one at the Point, the far end of the trail.  They turned up Hutton's vireo, brown creeper, golden-crowned kinglet, black-throated gray warbler and Townsend's warbler.  On our tour of the trail an hour or two later we failed to encounter any notable flocks, but we did find a red-breasted sapsucker and a Hutton's vireo between markers #13 and #14 on the trail.  One species that has been hard to come by for the last several years at the preserve is common gallinule.  This one was easy to see today at the pond on the south end of the array of ponds east of the Visitor Center, with an adult and multiple young birds.

On both days, our combined lists have been about 95 species.  This avian diversity combined with the waterfowl and sandhill crane spectacle to be witnessed now make the preserve an easy recommendation.

John Trochet

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