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Chris Conard

Hi folks,

Merlin has made amazing advances, but can still miss a lot of things or offer up some pretty strange suggestions. Without seeing or hearing the bird in question, I wouldn't put complete faith in Merlin identifications. I think there are too many eBird lists including rare or uncommon species where the only details included are "ID by Merlin."  At least for now, a Merlin ID is just the first step in documenting a bird. One of the best features Merlin offers is a platform for making and saving recordings. You can also upload them to your eBird lists. 

A recent Sacramento Audubon Society piece addresses this topic:

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Chris Conard

On Tue, Oct 18, 2022 at 8:20 PM Sally M. Walters <bajaowl@...> wrote:
Just now and recently the ‘song’ Merlin App seems to be unable to distinguish the “high alarm call”(Sibley’s description) of the white- crown vs white-throated sparrow.  Any thoughts out there from expert bird song folks?

Sally M. Walters
Sacramento CA

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