Flannery Rd, Solano Co; Davis Wetlands; Yolo Bypass; Lake Solano

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi all,

Went out to Flannery Rd this morning to look for the Mountain Bluebirds others have seen.  They continue to be there - From 113, drive down Flannery past row of Eucalyptus trees and ranch with quonset hut. They were seen along the fenceline a little further down the road and by the small PG&E station.  There was also a Peregrine Falcon and a lovely Rough-legged Hawk.  There were several HUGE flocks of American Pipits - hundreds of birds!  Nice flock of Lark Sparrows in the yard of the house right next to the road.  (NO Mountain Plovers seen.)  2 Burrowing Owls on Robinson Rd.

Since it is Monday, we went over to the Davis Wetlands, inside the gate.  Highlights:  numerous Tundra Swans, Tree Swallows MOBBING the only nesting box .... can someone put more boxes out there??  The pond above parking lot 1, had the nicest mix of ducks, including a male Blue-winged Teal (and probably a female) 

At Yolo Bypass - MANY ducks, including a beautiful male Eurasian Wigeon.

Lake Solano:  Got there a bit late, so just parked in the 30 minute space by the campground.  Got out of the car, looked up in the trees and the first bird we saw was a Golden-crowned Kinglet!  Two Phainopepla were seen during our quick walk.  We then drove out along Putah Creek Rd to the wide turnoff.  Highlight there was the largest BAT we have seen here in the Bay Area (the few we have ever seen from our yard in Napa are quite small.)   Hunting over the lake and snatching insects.  If anyone could suggest what kind of bat it was, it would be appreciated. I thought I caught a bit of rusty brown on the wings, but not for sure.

Happy birding,
Denise and David Hamilton

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