1.13.22 Robinson & Flannery Rds, Solano Co, Staten Island, San Joaquin Co

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi all, 

We saw a few eBird  with Mountain Plovers out on Flannery Rd, Solano Co.  so we went  out looking today.  From Hwy 113 and driving down Flannery Rd, drove past the large row of eucalyptus on the left and then past the large ranch a bit further on the road where the field looks newly plowed with just a bit of grass growing in.  We found a flock of 35 MOUNTAIN PLOVERS.   We could see them with bincos, but much better looks with a scope.  On Robinson Rd (the section that runs parallel to Hwy 113, there was a FERRUGINOUS HAWK & ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK.  Further down Robinson, where the road makes a sharp turn and heads back to Hwy 113, we saw 2 BURROWING OWLS (in the usual spot) There is a bit of a berm and you can see the obvious burrow hole.

Another highlight:  From Hwy 113, drove up to Brown Rd.  (across from the dump) about 1 mile down the road we came across a beautiful "PRAIRIE" MERLIN.

Then we drove over to Staten Island.  Highlights:  Still a LOT of CACKLING GEESE & SANDHILL CRANES (though most of the cranes are way back in on the fields)  In a wet field on the right, just past where the road turns to gravel (and there is a 35 mph sign) there was an abundance of shorebirds - LOTS of WILSON'S SNIPE; KILLDEER, BLACK-NECKED STILTS, DUNLIN, LONG-BILLED DOWITCHERS, LEAST SANDPIPERS, GREATER & at least one LESSER YELLOWLEGS.  

Also had one SNOW GOOSE and a male EURASIAN WIGEON.  

Denise and David Hamilton

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