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Denise and David Hamilton

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Date: Mon, Jan 10, 2022 at 9:09 PM
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NOT SURE HOW I SENT THIS before finishing it!

Hi all,

We went on our annual trip over to Sacramento & Colusa NWRs.  First drove out to the Maxwell Cemetery to check on the male Vermillion Flycatcher from past years, since we've seen no reports.  Did not see him!

At Sacramento NWR in a slough at the beginning of the route, saw 3 racoons along with an AMERICAN BITTERN. The most plentiful pond was the one to the right of the viewing platform on the first stretch of the auto route. Scope is definitely helpful!   WILSON'S SNIPE, lots of LONG-BILLED DOWITCHERS, CINNAMON TEAL, a few CANVASBACK,  a male EURASIAN WIGEON among all the geese and other ducks. Quite a few BALD EAGLES of various ages.  Saw a LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE with a mouse almost as big as it is (a first for us.)  Lots of SNOW & GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE, & some ROSS'S GEESE were all around.

At Colusa NWR we saw one lone BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT HERON in the spot where the hundreds of them used to roost.

Then, thanks to eBird reports posted by Cameron Tescher and Frank Fabbro, we headed down to Tule Rd. (outside Arbuckle) in the late afternoon.  Saw our only YELLOW-BILLED MAGPIE of the day, and  around 4:15 pm, a hunting SHORT-EARED OWL appeared.  Then we continued on to Poundstone Rd. South.  There we had for the day:  TUNDRA SWANS, 20+ SANDHILL CRANES & at least 3 more SHORT-EARED OWLS.  They were out hunting and perching while the sun was still up.  It was the best views of them we've had in years!  Heading back to Arbuckle when it was getting dark, we stopped at the row of trees on Tule Rd at the small bridge over a creek where we heard a pair of GREAT HORNED OWLS hooting.  It was a great way to end the day.

Happy 2022 birding!
Denise and David Hamilton

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