Re: Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area road reopened

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi Mike and all,

We were out there today and was surprised to see the road open- lots of sleeping ducks and many LB Dowitchers out there.  Not on the Rice Point Rd, but on another road we saw 3 people (not birders) just walking.  On previous visits we've also seen others walking out there - just for exercise maybe??

Also today, we went over to the Davis Wetlands (lots of swans!) and the Woodland /Davis WTP.  Waterfowl definitely very skittish now.  We never got out of the car and drove slowly, and the huge rafts of Canvasbacks at the Woodland/Davis WTP that were far out in the north pond took to the air.

Denise and David Hamilton

On Mon, Nov 29, 2021 at 2:03 PM Michael Reinhart <reinham8@...> wrote:
It was posted recently that the road to Rice Point in the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area was closed and would remain closed for months.  The road was reopened last week.  Staff is concerned that birds have been scared off by too many pedestrians along that road.  We should try to bird from our cars.


Mike Reinhart
Davis, CA

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