Mountain Plovers, Rough-legged Hawk and more Robinson /Flannery Rd area, Solano Co

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi all,

Beautiful sunny day out in Solano County.  Started out on Flannery Rd from off of Hwy 113.   Found some MOUNTAIN PLOVERS In the short-grass field just east of the house with the large metal (quonset) building with the large stand of eucalyptus trees, but far off in the back edge of the field. Then turned onto Robinson Rd and drove down it. Stopped along the osage orange trees RIGHT next to the large metal transmission tower where the power lines go over the road and next to a gate with a no trespassing sign. There we had closer looks at the plovers than off of Flannery Rd.  Counted 29 of them.  Also on a fence post of the same field was a ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK.  A bit further down the road from the plovers was a large flock of KILLDEER.  Lots of AMERICAN PIPITS all over.

While stopped at the old abandoned house at the corner a Solano Co. Sheriff stopped to talk to us.  He knew Killdeer but not Mountain Plovers.  Also asked if we'd seen a 'ground' owl!  We mentioned that the plovers like recently plowed fields and he told us there were some fields over on Brown Rd.  So we headed down Robinson to Hwy 113, and saw a lovely FERRUGINOUS HAWK on the ground.  Drove north on 113, turned  right on to Hastings Rd, then made a left onto Salem.  
A  BURROWING OWL was sitting up on a berm and a field was full of HORNED LARKS.  In the lone eucalyptus tree near the intersection of Sale and Brown Rd. a PRAIRIE FALCON perched for great looks.  Never did see any recently plowed fields, but did come across another ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK on Brown Road between Salem & Hwy 113.

Spent the rest of the day on Staten Island worth a visit right now!!  Sandhill Cranes, thousands of Cackling Geese and more!!

Happy Birding & a Happy Thanksgiving to you all,
Denise and David Hamilton

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