Large Numbers of Lewis's Woodpeckers - Lake Solano

John Ehrenfeld

Large number of Lewis's Woodpeckers at Lake Solano. 10-8-21

I counted 22. They were staging in a dead tree at the far East end on the Yolo County bank and flying out over the creek to feed on insects.

I observed and photographed for 20 minutes.

Good birding otherwise; Hermit Thrush, Yellow Warbler, Wilson's Warbler, Northern Flicker, Belted Kingfisher, Vaux-Swifts, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Pacific Slope Flycatcher, Spotted Towhee, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Wood Ducks, Lincoln Sparrow, Osprey, Bald Eagle (fly-over) and the usual Egrets, Cormorants and Great-blue Herons.

John Ehrenfeld

Napa County

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