Secondhand GT Towhee from Babel Slough (YOL)

Chris Conard

Hi folks,

Frank Severson and I visited Babel Slough this morning (10 Sept 2021) and met Chuck Binder (spelling?). He told us about a Green-tailed Towhee he found in the area where it's open (no trees blocking the view of the ag field) on the south side of the road, just east of the Silt winery, at approximately this location (38.468208, -121.564024). It was midday by the time we looked for it and we didn't refind it.

Overall, it was fairly birdy with a decent showing of regular migrants (all of the regular warbler species except for Hermit), plus four Chipping Sparrows (two in two locations).

Access is closed if coming from the north along S River Rd to Babel Slough Rd, so Babel Slough is best accessed by Jefferson Blvd.

Take care,

Chris Conard

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