Solano Co American Redstart

Emmett Iverson

Hey all,

Roger Muskat found a hatch year male American Redstart along Putah Creek today around 12:45 pm. It continued in almost the exact same spot an hour later for a few other birders and myself. I would suggest parking at the "raptor center" parking lot along Old Davis Road off of I-80. The bird is about a .7 mile walk west of the lot. 

This is the message that Roger sent out to the Solano rare bird WhatsApp group, "Imm male American Redstart about 300-400 Yards east of I-80 on north side of Putah creek.  Giving loud chip like yellow.  Left pin on e-bird. In an area where there are 6 dead eucalyptus along the north side path .  And two tall cotton woods on opposite side of creek.  Responded well to my screech owl whistle."

Coordinates for where the bird was seen: (38.5175011, -121.7661893)

Emmett Iverson

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