Sage Thrasher- Robinson Road, Rio Vista 3/18/21

George Chrisman

Today on my way back to the Peninsula from Sacramento, to took a detour along Robinson Road in Rio Vista and discovered a SAGE THRASHER near the silver barn on the east end of Robinson Road near Flannery Road. It was perching on the fence posts and feeding on the roadway about 200 yards west of the 90 degree corner near the hay barn, pretty close to the eBird Hotspot location for Robinson Road. It was fairly active feeding on both sides of the road and I noticed it was subsequently refound by other birders late in the day. I also saw 4 BURROWING OWLS at various spots in this area. Photos and description can be found on my eBird checklist at
Good birding!

George Chrisman
Burlingame, CA

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