Stanislaus and Merced County Birding

Nathan Parmeter

Hello all Central Valley Birders,

Today, my parents and I did some birding in several locations in western Stanislaus and Merced counties. There were two main highlights today:

1) At the intersection of CA-132 and Gates Road/Paradise Road east of the San Joaquin River NWR (,-121.158109,16.25z), we saw a massive flock of geese in a field SE of the intersection. Upon closer inspection, we realized the flock consisted of thousands (we estimated around 8,000) Aleutian Cackling Geese, with some Snow Geese mixed in. 

2) At Merced NWR, we saw 2 Vermilion Flycatchers. One was a female at the SW corner of the auto tour route, and a male in a tree next to the Bittern Marsh area at the SE corner. That, and an estimated around 45,000 white geese throughout the rufuge, most presumably Ross's. 

Nathan Parmeter
Fresno, CA

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