Pine Siskin Salmonella deaths

Asher Perla

Hello birders,
I found a dead Pine Siskin in my yard in Yuba county today, seemingly sick with salmonella. I have taken down my feeders and warned other bird feeders in the neighborhood. I plan to keep them down until spring when the siskins migrate. 
Asher Perla
Oregon House

On Fri, Jan 22, 2021, 11:39 AM Sally M. Walters <bajaowl@...> wrote:
Apologies for this duplicate message and the late posting: There have been several emails noting Pine Siskins dying from Salmonella. While this is not normal, it has occurred in the past. The advice is to remove feeders and water for the next few weeks. I am now scattering seed in my yard in leaf duff and near shrubbery per advice below. 

California Department of Fish and Game posted this on their website as a reference.
REMOVE FEEDERS AND WATER for 14 days if you have dead or dying birds. Wash feeders and birdbaths with Clorox solution and wash your hands - Salmonella is everywhere. If the birds are alive contact your local Human Society.

National Audubon: "The best advice if you observe sick birds is to take down feeders [and remove water] to help the birds “social distance”. By taking feeders down for 14 days, we help the birds disperse and limit their exposure through concentrated feeding. Remember that the very best way to support birds in our yards and neighborhoods is with native plants and leaving leaf litter alone because natural foraging behavior doesn’t create the same high disease transmission risk that bird feeders do.”

Sally M Walters
Retired Wildlife Biologist
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