Tropical Kingbird at Reichmuth Park (SAC)

Chris Conard

Hi folks,

In case you haven't seen the eBird reports, Andrew Lee found a Tropical Kingbird at the south end of Reichmuth Park on Sunday and there were subsequent reports yesterday.
- Comments: "Right on Silver Lake Dr. at the south end...  Perched on a bare sycamore and never moved from that perch while I was observing. Frequent twittering calls was the only reason why it was found"

To my knowledge, this is the fourth county record:
The first was found on the Rio Cosumnes CBC in the mid-90s on the Bufferlands (to my chagrin, about a year before I started there). The rest have been much more recent.
The second was in Feb 2017 by Lindy Fung at Brannan Island.
The third and the first widely seen was 23 Nov 2019 into 2020 on Sherman Island first found by Max Brodie.

Take care,

Chris Conard

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