Red-necked Grebe — Placer/Sacramento Counties

Zeke VanZante

The Red-necked Grebe found by Adam Kucharek at Beals Point on January 10 continued yesterday and today. Today I saw it NW of the islands before it moved south into Sacramento County where it preceded to the base of the dike just East of the dam. Once there it slept and eventually dove a bit. For best viewing if it is in this location I wish I could suggest walking from Folsom Pt. but I don’t think you can cross the new secondary spillway so that probably wouldn’t work. It can be still seen from Beals with a scope if it is in Sacramento County as I and Gavin Stacey did today but it will probably be much more difficult as the water level rises. The bird was about here (38.706189, -121.151282) most of the time.
Also of note the Pacific Loons, Red-breasted Merganser, and White-winged Scoters are still around moving in and out of the counties.

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Zeke VanZante
Roseville. CA

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