Re: ID Help - Hummingbird

Steve Hampton

This is an Anna's Hummingbird based on the green flanks and stout sword-like bill. The gorget color on all hummers only show color at just the right angle of light. 

On Sun, Jan 31, 2021 at 9:53 AM Larry Jordan <thelarryjordan@...> wrote:
I posted this on Shasta Birders as well. I was at Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Saturday (1.30.21) and as I was leaving about 2pm I photographed this hummingbird assuming it was an Anna's but wondered why I couldn't get any color in his throat. The bird was in a small tree in the corner of the swampy area right next to the back of the visitor center building where the mail boxes are located. I would like to get some suggestions on this species if possible.


Larry Jordan
Oak Run, CA

Steve Hampton
Davis, CA

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