Broad-billed Hummingbird in Davis

Steve Hampton

A BROAD-BILLED HUMMINGBIRD is currently being seen in Davis, Yolo County.

Yesterday, Victoria Cross, a new birder, reported a  "hummingbird, sp." at her home in Davis on eBird. She included a photo. Her eBird post is here:

Lucas Corneliuson happened to be scanning thru eBird pics online and came across it. He notified the Yolo group that it is clearly a Broad-billed Hummingbird. 

This morning, at least two dozen of us converged on Antioch Street and found the bird-- which is beautiful. It has been extensively photographed by others (especially Bart Wickel). I recorded it singing and calling here: 

The Crosses, at 319 Antioch, are excited about their new hobby (who wouldn't be with this kind of start???) and are graciously allowing birders around their left side yard into the back yard, where birders may socially distance themselves around the pool-- the feeders are on the opposite side. No need to knock on their door. The bird also routinely comes into the trees in front of 315 and 319 Antioch, including the small bare tree in front of 319. Those homeowners were not yet awake when I was there, but of course use discretion, as this is in front of a window. 

I trust other birders will update on any changes to access and etiquette. 

This is a first county record and possibly a first Central Valley record. 

good birding, 

Steve Hampton
Davis, CA

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