Cassin's Finch - NE Sacramento County

M. Brodie


Yesterday afternoon while driving home I received a call from Nora Papian that she found a male Cassin's Finch was in our Orangevale yard.  After arriving home and waiting for about 80 minutes, it reappeared with a second male!  I immediately sent out a message to the local WhatsApp group, and a couple birders tried late in the afternoon, but unfortunately the flock of finches was elsewhere for the evening.  We will be keeping a close eye on the birds in the yard to see if they continue to visit - they seemed to be enjoying feeding on the seed scattered in lawn.  I will relay another message if the birds become reliable, so that others who would like a chance to see this species can do so.  eBird checklists with photos:

Bird on,
Max Brodie

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