Re: Yolo Cassin’s Finches

Kirk Swenson

The Cassin’s Finches continued today, but they didn’t make it easy. After a brief encounter with three CAFI around 8:45 in the same area where Bart had them yesterday, I could not refund them for the next hour or so. Eventually, I decided to follow a dirt bike trail to the top of the ridge overlooking the spot where I’d had the first three, where I found a flock of 14 or so at about 38°54′2″ N  122°18′58″ W. Upon coming back down to Rayhouse I ran into Emmett Iverson and Zane Pickus and the three of us birded the area for another hour or so without further success.

Good birding,
Kirk Swenson 
Davis, CA

On Sat, Jan 23, 2021 at 8:23 PM Konshau Duman <konshaud@...> wrote:
Dear Birders,

Today Lynette and I saw a flock of Cassin’s Finches on Rayhouse Road at 10:24. They were in the bottom of a canyon that the road goes into at (38.898955, -122.314494). At the time we could count 16 of them conservatively but there were more calling out of sight. After 25 minutes all the finches had left the canyon and flew along the mountain to the northeast. Bart Wickel visited later at 12:49 and re-found them in that canyon. He also saw them going down to Fiske Creek and drinking water, counting 25 in a tree at (38.901070, -122.311487). Unfortunately when we were on our way out around 16:00 they were gone. Based on our observations and Bart’s we can say that they came into the bottom of the canyon and left twice today so there may be hope of seeing them there again tomorrow. 

Good Luck!


Konshau Duman & Lynette Williams
Galt, CA 

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