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Bruce Deuel

The answer is no, there were no postings.  Up until the 2005 bird in So. Cal. all California's records of Baikal Teal were of hunter shot birds, and none of them were seen by anybody else before hand.

Bruce Deuel
Red Bluff

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I'm curious if there were any postings about this bird prior to it being shot?  It reminds me of the Long-tailed duck in Oroville that was found on the Oroville CBC, posted about (ebird, CVB,other?) for a couple of weeks and then a friend and I saw it shot. CDWF said there was a group of poachers in Oroville that would target rare waterfowl for their personal collections. And they would check birding lists to help them target those birds. It was an eye-opener for me. In this case, the shooting was illegal because it was killed in a state park. CSU Chico ended up with duck for the museum.
Does anyone know if the teal might have been targeted for its rarity?

Dawn Garcia
Dana Point, CA

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