Re: Baikal Teal

Dawn Garcia

I'm curious if there were any postings about this bird prior to it being shot?  It reminds me of the Long-tailed duck in Oroville that was found on the Oroville CBC, posted about (ebird, CVB,other?) for a couple of weeks and then a friend and I saw it shot. CDWF said there was a group of poachers in Oroville that would target rare waterfowl for their personal collections. And they would check birding lists to help them target those birds. It was an eye-opener for me. In this case, the shooting was illegal because it was killed in a state park. CSU Chico ended up with duck for the museum.
Does anyone know if the teal might have been targeted for its rarity?

Dawn Garcia
Dana Point, CA

"when I walk with nature, my joy is full, my soul is free!"

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