Re: Visalia Pine Siskins

Beth Grafton-Cardwell

I too have had an unusually large flock of pine siskins at my feeders.  I counted 27 last week.  Based on the recent discussion string about their susceptibility to salmonella, we have increased sanitation of the feeders and spread seed around the yard.
Beth Grafton-Cardwell
Visalia CA

On 01/17/2021 1:23 PM Nathan Parmeter via <nathanparmeter@...> wrote:
Hello all Central Valley Birders,
In the last few weeks, we've had a flock of Pine Siskins frequently visit our birdbath and goldfinch feeder. Today, a total of 12 showed up in our backyard, along with a couple of goldfinches. I've also had more Siskins than normal years in the Fresno area this season. 
Nathan Parmeter
Fresno, CA

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