Salmonella-Pine Siskin deaths

Sally M. Walters

In summary, due to salmonella reported in Pine Siskins and other finches, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and National Audubon recommend removing your feeders and bird baths for some time period. I would add scatter your seed about the yard in leaf piles and other natural feeding locations - social distancing in birds. FACT CHECK what you hear with scientific sources like eBird, or California Department of Fish and Games information under salmonella and Pine Siskin. Both Oregon and Washington have similar posts regarding dying Pine Siskins. I heard it was on the North Coast, now to the San Francisco Bay Area. Today I read that Redding and now Sacramento have reported deaths. Please check this website for more details.

Sally M Walters
RETIRED Wildlife Biologist

Sally M Walters

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