Longspur at Meiss Rd, Sloughouse, California

Aidan Brubaker


Earlier today at Meiss Rd, I flushed a Longspur from within a group of Horned larks. It was at (38.455163, -121.100198)

Here is my description of the longspur from off of ebird. 
I flushed a group of larks, and this bird was very noticable. Here is my first impression. It whizzed by my head at around 30 feet away, and the very first thing I noticed was the white outer tail feathers. There was a lot of white on the outer tail feathers, more than a pipit would have. The bird was overall brown excluding the white outer tail feathers. The size of this bird was in between that of a Horned Lark and a Savannah Sparrow, and the structure was more like that of a Horned Lark with a longer tail, as it was much stockier than a American Pipit would be and appeared to have a shorter tail than one. I do not think I heard it call, although all the Horned Larks around it may have drowned it out. It flew over the road and down into a field around 70 yards away, where I failed to relocate it or any of the Horned Larks in the thick grass despite extensive searching. I am still kicking myself that I did not scan through the flock of Larks before I started taking photos of the Horned Larks, as any of the longspurs would be a lifer for me.

In addition to this I had an amazing showing of Raptors there today.

Aidan Brubaker
Fair Oaks, Sacramento, California

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